Overwatch Foam Replica 1/1 Mercy's Blaster 30 cm

Overwatch Foam Replica 1/1 Mercy\'s Blaster 30 cm
1/1 replika.
Heroes never die! While Mercy is the healer of the team, she still needs a suitable defense. The Caduceus blaster is Mercy's sidearm in case someone gets a little too close. While it lacks the punch, it makes up for it with accuracy and rate of fire. The replica is made from durable foam with a plasic core for stability. Modeled after in-game reference and painted to look just like in the game is the Caduceus blaster replica the perfect item for cosplayers, convention goers and collectors alike.
This foam replica measures aprox. 30 x 19 x 5 cm and comes in a window box.
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