WizKids Card Game Fantasy Realms: The Cursed Hoard

WizKids Card Game Fantasy Realms: The Cursed Hoard
Fantasy Realms: The Cursed Hoard expands on the original, adding two new modular expansions that can be added together or separately.
- Cursed Items adds a new deck of cards. Players each take one item that they can use whenever they wish to create a powerful effect, like taking double turns, hiding discarded cards, or even skipping your discard phase to keep an extra card! But whenever you use a Cursed Item, it turns into negative points at the end of the game-the more powerful the effect, the more points you lose!
- New Suits add three new suits to the game: Develop your realms with Buildings, attract powerful mythical Outsiders, and raise the Undead.
Discover new strategies and combos on your way to leading the Realms when Fantasy Realms: The Cursed Hoard comes out in early 2021!
Components: 47 cards, rules.
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