Gaia Project

Gaia Project
A Terra Mystica Game
Set your sights on distant stars and strive to colonize the galaxy in Gaia Project, the follow-up to Terra Mystica!
Explore the vast reaches of space and convert planets to meet your faction`s unique environmental needs as you seek to tighten your grasp on the galaxy. Fourteen different factions stand ready to boldly take their first steps into the cosmos while building structures to generate resources, researching new technology, and uniting planets to form powerful federations. Chart your course in the cosmos in Gaia Project!
• The follow-up to the critically and commercially acclaimed Terra Mystica
• A board game of colonizing the galaxy for one to four players
• Take command of fourteen factions, each with its own unique abilities and environmental needs
• Includes ten modular space sector tiles that allow you to create a new galaxy every time you play
• Features rules for solo play for those bold enough to explore the galaxy on their own

1–4 Players
60–150 Min
Age: 12+
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