Star Wars X-Wing: IG-2000

Star Wars X-Wing: IG-2000
A heavily modified Aggressor assault fighter, IG-2000 was the signature vessel of one of the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunters, the Assassin Droid IG-88.

Because IG-88 had no need for life support systems and no reason to fear the gravitational effects of maneuvers that would kill organic pilots, the majority of the space within the IG-2000 was devoted to engines and weapon systems, making the starfighter every bit as fearsome as its ruthless pilot.

In X-Wing, the IG-2000 is a powerful, large-base starfighter with three attack, three agility, four shields, and four hull. It can boost, it can evade, it can target lock, it can equip two cannons simultaneously, and it can whip through space at high speeds while performing the demanding Segnor’s Loop maneuver.

The IG-2000 Expansion Pack features one carefully detailed and pre-painted IG-2000 miniature at 1/270 scale, along with four ship cards, twelve upgrade cards, a maneuver dial, and all the tokens you need to hunt down your prey and obliterate it.

Notably, the IG-2000 Expansion Pack is the first X-Wing expansion that doesn’t feature any non-unique ship cards. Instead, each of its four ship cards represents one of the four identical IG-88 models that share a single mind. They all share the same pilot skill value of “6,” and the non-unique IG-2000 Title upgrade allows you to link their abilities. The more IG-88s you bring into battle, the more lethal they become.

The new Wave VI expansions establish the Scum and Villainy faction as a collection of individuals bound by common interests, but ultimately less interested in teamwork and collective victories than personal gain. Accordingly, the faction’s unique pilot abilities encourage different types of squadrons than those commonly employed by Rebel and Imperial players.

Moreover, while credits can buy ships, credits can also improve them, and many Scum upgrade their ships with expensive and illicit technologies, several of which are represented by a new type of upgrade, the illicit upgrade. As far as the galaxy’s Scum are concerned, if the Empire bothered to make such technology illegal, it must be potent.

The Aggressor and Its Maneuver Dial
The Aggressor is no freighter, shuttle, or support ship. It’s a powerful assault fighter designed expressly for space combat and loaded with potent power cores and weapons systems.

In X-Wing, the Aggressor is an agile, tough, and hard-hitting fighter with a balanced stat array of three Attack, three Agility, four Hull, and four Shields. Additionally, the Aggressor’s action bar features the focus, target lock, and evade actions, as well as the boost action, making it the first large-base ship in X-Wing to feature the boost action natively.

All these stats and actions make the Aggressor an intimidating fighter to have bearing down upon you, but the real key to the ship is its loaded maneuver dial.

The Aggressor is able to perform every single straight maneuver, bank, or turn at speeds “1” and “2,” and most of them are green. Then, at speed “3,” the Aggressor features three green maneuvers, one straight and two banks, as well as two Segnor’s Loop maneuvers. Finally, the Aggressor also features a speed “4” Koiogran-turn.

Altogether, the Aggressor’s fully loaded maneuver dial ensures that you’ll always have one or two good maneuver options. Your opponent will never know exactly what to expect.

On the other hand, you’re going to need all the maneuverability and element of surprise that the Aggressor offers because it only features a forward firing arc. You don’t have a turret weapon or rear firing arc to help you compensate for botched maneuvers. Certainly, you can use your illicit upgrade slot to equip a “Hot Shot” Blaster or Feedback Array. However, you’ll still want to focus on your flying, as these upgrades are for limited use only.

In many ways, then, the Aggressor is the first large-base ship that’s all about its maneuvers, and that might just make it the most “natural” of the large-base ships yet to arrive to a miniatures game that is – at its heart – all about outmaneuvering your opponent in order to get the ideal shot.

Of course, its pilots are anything but natural...

IG-88 and the IG-2000
The IG-2000 Expansion Pack comes with four ship cards, all of which present different, unique models of the deadly assassin droid IG-88. Each comes with a pilot skill value of “6” and costs thirty-six squad points, but the four models are clearly differentiated by their unique pilot abilities.

* As assassin droids, all the different IG-88 models are excellent killers. However, IG-88A also boasts a unique pilot ability that allows him to excel not only at killing, but also at surviving. Each time he destroys an enemy, IG-88A recovers one shield.
* IG-88 earned a reputation as a bounty hunter who always delivered, and this consistency is reflected in IG-88B’s unique pilot ability, which functions almost like a built-in Gunner. Once per round, if he performs an attack that does not hit, IG-88B can perform an attack with an equipped cannon upgrade. Notably, you can use the same cannon twice, so if you miss, for example, with an Ion Cannon, you can fire that Ion Cannon again, aiming for a better result.
* IG-88C is the slipperiest of the four models, gaining a free evade action each time he performs a boost action. After all, despite all of his strength and armor plating, it was the speed and scope of IG-88’s superior intelligence that truly made him such a lethal threat, and if he’s equipped with Push the Limit or Experimental Interface, IG-88C can perform as many as three actions, easily clearing his stress token each round by performing one of his many green maneuvers.
* The fourth and final of the IG-88 models, IG-88D adds two more maneuvers to the Aggressor’s already astonishing dial. However, IG-88D’s ability goes beyond the mere addition of two three-speed Sengor’s Loop maneuvers; it allows him a choice at the moment he executes his maneuver. Accordingly, if he has a higher pilot skill value than his target, IG-88D can subtly adjust his maneuver from a three-bank Sengor’s Loop to a three-turn Segnor’s Loop. In turn, this may give him the edge he needs to catch a rival within a firing arc that otherwise may have just missed.

Finally, as deadly and talented as each of these IG-88 models are on their own, the IG-2000 Title upgrade allows them to link their abilities.

Accordingly, we’re likely to see a number of solid squad builds that feature two copies of the IG-2000. Imagine, for example, the staying power that you’d gain by linking IG-88A’s ability with that of IG-88C. Equip both with Push the Limit, and you’ll have two high-powered ships that can potentially boost, evade, focus, and recover shields round after round.

Alternately, you could link IG-88C with IG-88D and equip both with Advanced Sensors to field a starfighter duo whose maneuvers will be nigh impossible to predict.

No matter which combination you choose, or even if you run just a single model of IG-88, you’re certain to find plenty of tricks among the potential combinations of pilot abilities and upgrades. Then, it’s up to you to use these tricks to outmaneuver your opponent and line up the perfect shot.

An Elite Killing Machine
Every bit as deadly as its pilot, the IG-2000 is a perfect blend of attacking power, agility, and resilience. With its myriad maneuver options, it’s also the perfect large-base ship to fly about the battlefield in an unpredictable fashion. Keep your opponent guessing.

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1 x Fluxx: Star Trek Original series
1 x Star Trek-Pelikortit
1 x Star Trek TOS Model Kit 1/600 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 48 cm
2 x Värikäs aakkosveturi
1 x Allied Fires
1 x Cavalcade Charge
1 x Commander: Land's Wrath
1 x Battle the Horde
1 x Puujunarata: 24 kiskon paketti
1 x Veturin kääntöasema
1 x Värikäs aakkosjunan vaunu a-z
1 x Silti kaiteella puiseen junanrataan
4 x Dragonshield Black
5 x Dragonshield Green
1 x Pikachu Pehmokolikkokukkaro
1 x Diamant
1 x Ahistunu pupu: Elämätä piilopaikan sain
1 x Valas
1 x Warcry: Agents of chaos
1 x Warcry: Sentinels of Order
1 x Duel Masters Evo-Crushinators of Doom: Kokujo's Darkness Deck
1 x Battleforce Chaos Space Marines vengeance warband
1 x Start Collecting Astra Militarum
1 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Enclave - Amber
1 x Roll Player
1 x Kärpäspyssy
2 x Citadel Base: Averland Sunset
3 x Citadel Base: Jokaero Orange
3 x Citadel Base: Mephiston Red
3 x Citadel Base: Khorne Red
4 x Citadel Base: Naggaroth Night
4 x Citadel Base: Kantor Blue
4 x Citadel Base: Macragge Blue
3 x Citadel Base: Caledor Sky
4 x Citadel Base: Incubi Darkness
3 x Citadel Base: Caliban Green
2 x Citadel Base: Castellan Green
3 x Citadel Base: Death World Forest
3 x Citadel Base: Bugman's Glow
4 x Citadel Base: Mournfang Brown
3 x Citadel Base: Dryad Bark
4 x Citadel Base: Mechanicus Standard Grey
2 x Citadel Base: Abaddon Black
3 x Citadel Base: Celestra Grey
3 x Citadel Base: Leadbelcher
3 x Citadel Base: Steel Legion Drab
3 x Citadel Base: Ratskin Flesh
3 x Citadel Base: Rhinox Hide
3 x Citadel Base: Rakarth Flesh
3 x Citadel Base: Screaming Bell
3 x Citadel Base: The Fang
3 x Citadel Base: Screamer Pink
2 x Citadel Base: Waaagh! Flesh
2 x Ent
3 x Knights of Dol Amroth
2 x Wood Elf Warriors
2 x Citadel Technical: 'Ardcoat
2 x Citadel Hobby Drill
2 x Citadel Hobby Knife
3 x Citadel Plastic Cutters
3 x PVA Glue (tube)
3 x Dice Cube
3 x How to Paint Citadel Minatures
3 x Modular Movement Tray
3 x Citadel Water Effect
4 x Citadel Grass
3 x Citadel Scorched Grass
3 x Citadel Figure Case
4 x Dragonshield Gold
4 x Dragonshield Purple
4 x Dragonshield Brown
4 x Dragonshield Matte Black
4 x Dragonshield Blue
3 x Dragonshield Apple Green
4 x Dragonshield Sky Blue
4 x Dragonshield Fusion
4 x Dragonshield Orange
3 x Dragonshield White
4 x Dragonshield Matte Blue
3 x Dragonshield Yellow
4 x Dragonshield Matte Purple
4 x Dragonshield Pink
4 x Dragonshield Matte Green
4 x Dragonshield Matte White
4 x Dragonshield Copper
4 x Dragonshield Matte Pink
3 x Dragonshield Red
3 x Dragonshield Silver
2 x Phalanx
2 x Void Stalker
3 x Time of Legends: Dead Winter
1 x SMB: Architect of Fate
1 x The Emperor's Gift
4 x Primaris Intercessor Veteran Sergeant -juhlafiguuri
4 x Carry Case 40k
4 x Space marine Heroes s.2.
4 x Warhammer 40k Crusade Journal (9th Edition)
4 x Battlezone Objective Set
4 x Battlezone: Manufactorum Battlefield
4 x Warhammer 40,000: Open War Mission Pack
4 x Warhammer 40,000 Core Rule Book
4 x Space Marine Heroes 1
4 x Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus
4 x Warhammer 40k Carry Case
4 x Battlezone Manufactorum Datasheet Cards
4 x Indomitus Playing Cards
4 x Getting Started
4 x Space Marine Heroes Series 3
1 x Goblin Warriors
2 x Goblin Town
1 x Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs
2 x Khandish Warriors
2 x Azog
4 x Legolas Greenleaf
3 x Khandish warriors (Blister)
3 x Invisible Frodo
4 x Lake Town Captain
3 x Beorn
3 x Gollum, Sam & Frodo
3 x Golfimbul (ft & mounted)
3 x Arathorn and Halbarad
3 x Dol Amroth Banner bearer ft & mounted
3 x Bullroarer Took
4 x Lake town guard swordsmen
3 x Gandalf the Grey FT & MTD
3 x Eomer, Marshal of the Riddermark
3 x Thror, The Last King Under the Mountain
3 x Thrain
4 x Master of Lake-Town
3 x Palace guard captains
3 x Mounted Faramir
3 x Serpent Rider
3 x Lord of the Rings: Battle of Pelennor Fields
2 x The Trolls
2 x The Hobbit: Yazneg
2 x The Hobbit: Grim Hammers
2 x Warriors of Dale
2 x Warriors of Erebor
2 x palace Guards
2 x Yazneg
2 x Rohan Watchtower and Palisades
2 x Rohan House
3 x Citadel Base: Daemonette Hide
2 x Hexwraith Flame
3 x Citadel Base S -sivellin
2 x Citadel Base M -sivellin
3 x Citadel Base L -sivellin
3 x Citadel Base XL -sivellin
2 x Citadel Layer M -sivellin
3 x Citadel Dry M -sivellin
3 x Citadel Dry L -sivellin
3 x Citadel Shade L -sivellin
3 x Citadel Glaze M -sivellin
4 x Citadel Scenery M -sivellin
4 x Citadel Scenery L -sivellin
3 x Citadel Painting Handle
3 x Citadel Sculpting Tool
3 x Citadel Shade M -sivellin
2 x Citadel Dry S -sivellin
3 x Citadel Layer S -sivellin
2 x Citadel Knife
3 x Texture Spreading Tool
3 x Citadel Super Glue
3 x Citadel Water Pot
3 x Painting Handle
3 x How to Paint Citadel Miniatures (English, 2012)
3 x Citadel Tweezers
3 x Painting Handle XL
4 x Citadel Middenland Tufts
3 x Barbed Bracken
4 x Skulls
4 x Creeping Vines
4 x Warhammer 40k Command Dice
4 x Citadel Scenery Painting Pack
4 x Sector Imperialis 32mm Round Bases
4 x Warhammer 40,000 Battle Journal
3 x Warhammer Tin Sign Emperor 21 x 15 cm
3 x Warhammer Tin Sign Space Marine Helmet 21 x 15 cm
3 x Astra Militarum Severina Raine
3 x Sons of Sanguinius, Painting Guide
3 x Raiders of Commorragh Painting Guide
3 x Harlequins Painting Guide: Warriors of the Laughing God
2 x Painting Handle RED
3 x Calvary bases
2 x Warhammer 40k Carry Case
3 x Warhammer 40k Open War Cards
3 x Wound Tracker -noppasetti
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