Star Wars X-Wing: E-Wing

Star Wars X-Wing: E-Wing
When it was designed, the E-wing was intended to match or exceed the performance of the X-wing in every respect, and the E-Wing Expansion Pack for X-Wing introduces a starfighter that combines the best of the X-wing’s firepower and durability with the A-wing’s speed and maneuverability.

Furthermore, the E-wing’s advanced technology is reflected in the fact that it can equip both system and astromech upgrades alongside a complement of torpedoes. The partnership of these upgrades permit some interesting, new combinations, and the E-wing may open some wildly creative squad builds.

For example, by partnering R7-T1 with Advanced Sensors on a ship piloted by someone like Etahn A’baht, who is capable of using Push the Limit*, you could perform three actions before you reveal your maneuver. And if that maneuver is green, Etahn A’baht would even end his Activation phase without a stress token!

With its E-wing miniature, four ship cards, five upgrade cards, maneuver dial, and tokens, the E-Wing Expansion Pack comes with everything you need to pursue entirely new tactics in your X-Wing battles!

(*The Push the Limit upgrade comes in the A-Wing Expansion Pack and Imperial Aces. It is not included in the E-Wing Expansion Pack.)

The E-wing was designed to match or exceed the performance of the X-wing in every respect, and the E-Wing Expansion Pack for X-Wing introduces a starfighter that combines the best of the X-wing’s firepower and durability with the A-wing’s speed and maneuverability. With an E-wing miniature sculpted faithfully at 1/270 scale, four ship cards, five upgrade cards, maneuver dial, and tokens, this expansion comes with everything you need to pursue entirely new tactics in your X-Wing battles!

The E-wing excels at a number of things that are impossible for other starfighters.

* The E-wing is the only starfighter that combines the ability to equip both an Astromech Droid and a system upgrade, permitting such defensive combinations as an R7 Astromech partnered with the Sensor Jammer upgrade from the Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Pack, or opening the way for the tricks permitted by combining Advanced Sensors with R7-T1.
* Because the E-wing has a base agility value of “3” and the option to equip an Astromech Droid upgrade, it’s also the only starfighter in the game capable of ramping up to an agility value of “5” through the use of both the Stealth Device modification (from the Slave I Expansion Pack) and the R2-F2 Astromech Droid. Against an opponent firing at your E-wing from Range “3,” that’s six defense dice!
* Along with the B-wing, the E-wing is the only Rebel starfighter to feature the barrel roll action in its action bar, which combines well with the Advanced Sensors upgrade and permits the starfighter an astonishing range of potential movement each turn. Unlike the B-wing, though, the E-wing has a maneuver dial with more green maneuvers than red ones. As a result, E-wing pilots with high pilot skill values and good ideas about how best to use their actions and maneuvers should be able to Outmaneuver their foes each round and line up clear shots.
* Finally, when it’s piloted by Corran Horn, the E-wing is the only starfighter that can perform an attack in the End phase.

Of course, these are only a few examples of the different ways the E-wing may carve out its own, unique niche within the fast-paced space battles of X-Wing!

Built to Adapt
Developed by FreiTek Inc. to combine the best elements of both the X-wing and A-wing, the E-wing easily stands among the Rebellion’s fastest, toughest, nimblest, and most versatile starfighters.

In X-Wing, the E-wing is one of the Rebel Alliance’s most customizable and adaptable starfighters. It can equip astromech, torpedo, and system upgrades, and it can make excellent use of several different modifications. This means that you can outfit your E-wing to perform almost any role. It also means that, as with the TIE defender, you could easily outfit your E-wing with so many upgrades that it becomes a ship that soaks up too many of your available squad points for too little value.

For example, Corran Horn is a great pilot. Still, if he were to splurge on his E-wing, adding Flechette Torpedoes, R7-T1, Outmaneuver, Advanced Sensors, and a Shield Upgrade modification (from the Millennium Falcon Expansion pack), you’d gain a pilot capable of darting through enemy starfighters and closing in for the kill, but he’d also cost you fifty squad points, fully half of your squad.

As with any ship in X-Wing, the key to flying the E-wing is to understand how it will function within your squad.

* Because his ability allows him to attack twice in the same round, Corran Horn excels at getting in close for the kill and finishing off his opponents with one or more shots fired at Range “1,” and a squad designed to take advantage of his talents might focus on restricting enemy flight paths, perhaps through the use of Ion tokens.
* Alternatively, you could attempt to isolate enemy starfighters by threatening to eliminate tightly clustered ships with a few shots from Assault Missiles loaded onto your Z-95 Headhunters, and then as your opponent’s ships scatter, Corran Horn could zip in and gun them down, one by one. His ability makes him one of the best targets in the game for a Fire Control System and the Marksmanship elite pilot talent upgrade, as the Fire Control System will generate a target lock for his attack in the End phase while the effects of Marksmanship will also carry over from the Combat phase into the End phase.
* Conversely, you plan to win initiative with a squad that features a Knave Squadron Pilot, and you could fly him into your enemy’s flight paths early in the Activation phase to limit your opponent’s maneuvers and actions. Moreover, if he were upgraded with R2-F2 and a Sensor Jammer, your Knave Squadron Pilot should survive the initial volleys of enemy fire in order to block enemy flight paths for a good number of rounds to follow.
* Any Rebel pilot looking for the services of a good wingman ought to consider recruiting Etahn A’baht to his cause. Whether he maneuvers to outflank his foes or simply flies in formation with his squadmates, Etahn A’baht can help his squadmates convert regular hits to critical hits, making him a valuable component in any squad designed to generate uncancellable hits for Ten Numb or cripple enemy forces with a swarm of Z-95 Headhunters seeking to blind enemy pilots, disable secondary weapons, or even destroy enemy ships outright with Direct Hit! after Direct Hit!
* You could also decide to avoid squad formations and tactics, favoring a dogfighting strategy in which you simply fly each of your ships individually. Here, once again, the E-wing’s strong combat statistics, upgrades, and adaptability serve it admirably and lend tremendous strength and flexibility to the Rebel cause.

• A Rebel starfighter expansion pack for X-Wing
• Features one pre-painted E-wing miniature sculpted faithfully at 1/270 scale
• Four ship cards and five upgrade cards encourage a wide range of experimental tactics
• Contains one maneuver dial and all the tokens necessary to fly the ship in battle
• Combines the X-wing’s durability with the A-wing’s sped and maneuverability

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5 x 6158 Eläinklinikka
5 x 6169 Palopäällikkö
5 x 60184 - Kaivostiimi
6 x 10554 LEGO® DUPLO® Taaperon rakennus- ja hinaus..
6 x 10552 Kekseliäät autot
5 x 10561 Taaperon ensimmäinen rakennu..
5 x Lego Duplo 10572 All-in-One-leikkilaatikko
5 x Lego Duplo 10566 Luova piknik
5 x Lego Duplo 10570 All-in-One-lahjasetti
6 x Lego Duplo 10884 Ensimmäiset tasapainottelevat eläimeni
6 x Lego Duplo 10567, Taaperon rakennus- ja veneleikit
7 x 10501 Eläintarhan ystävät
7 x 10550 Sirkuskuljetus
5 x 10500 Hevostalli
5 x Lego 10521 Vastasyntynyt vasikka
6 x lego Duplo 10546 Myymälä
5 x Lego Duplo 10525 Iso maatila
4 x Lego Duplo 10529 Kuorma-auto
5 x 10617 - Ensimmäinen maatilani
6 x 10597 Mikin ja Minnin syntymäpäiväparaati
7 x 10841 - Hauska perhetivoli
6 x Lego Duplo 10883 Ensimmäinen hinausautoni
6 x 10903 Lego Duplo Paloasema
5 x Lego Duplo 10508 Erikoisjuna
7 x 10507 Ensimmäinen junani
5 x 10516 Arielin maaginen veneretki
4 x Lego Duplo 10513 Mikä-mikä-maan piilopaikka
5 x 10511 Skippers Flight School
7 x 1023 Batwing seikkailu
5 x Lego Duplo 10543 Teräsmiehen pelastus
6 x Lego Duplo 10895 Emmetin ja Lucyn vieraat DUPLO-planeetalta
1 x Värikäs aakkosveturi
1 x Aakkosjunan vaunu a-z
2 x Citadel Base: Caliban Green
2 x Citadel Base: Abaddon Black
1 x 9677 X-wing Starfighter[TM] & Yavi..
1 x 9679 AT-ST[TM] & Endor[TM]
3 x 7th edition Starter Pack
4 x Grombrindal, White Dwarf -juhlafiguuri
5 x White Dwarf 2014 Witch Hunter
5 x White Dwarf Apocrypha
5 x Battle Figure Case
4 x Gotrek Gurnisson
4 x Valerian and Aleya
6 x 70647 Kai-lohikäärmemestari -lennokki
6 x 70645 Cole-lohikäärmemestari -lennokki
5 x 70606 - Spinjitzu-koulutus
5 x Lego 70674 Ninjago Tulitorahammas
2 x 626 LEGO® Vihreä rakennuslevy
2 x 5930 LEGO® Tienrakennussarja
2 x 5762 Minilentokone
2 x 6910 Miniurheiluauto
1 x 10660 LEGO® Pinkki salkku
2 x 10656 Ensimmäinen LEGO® Prinsessani
1 x 10659 LEGO® Sininen salkku
2 x 10661 Ensimmäinen LEGO® paloasemani
1 x 10657 Ensimmäinen LEGO® rasiani
1 x 10692 Luovan rakentamisen palikat
1 x 10703 Luovan rakentajan laatikko
1 x 10693 Luovan rakentamisen lisäsarja
2 x 41000 Hauskaa vesiurheilua
2 x 31000 Minikiituri
2 x 31001 Minilennokki
2 x 10709 Oranssi luovuuden laatikko
2 x 10707 Punainen luovuuden laatikko
2 x Lego Iconic Stickers (tarroja)
2 x Lego Mini-muistikirja ja kynä
2 x LEGO Nexo Knights 70372 NEXO-yhdistelmävoimat aalto 1
2 x 10714 - Sininen rakennuslevy
2 x Puoli-kisu keräilysarja Unikitty
3 x Theros Beyond Death Booster
2 x Theros Beyond Death Collectors Booster
2 x Unsanctioned Box
3 x Britannia
3 x Black Gold
4 x Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game - The Order of the Silver Twiligh
2 x DOOM: The Board Game
5 x Descent Lieutenant Pack: Serena
5 x Descent Lieutenant Pack: Ariad
5 x Descent Dice Pack
4 x Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set
3 x Gearworld: The Borderlands
5 x A Game of Thrones: The Board Game 2nd Edition
4 x Horus Heresy
4 x Kingdoms
6 x Minotaur Lords
4 x Beowulf
6 x KeyForge: Call of the Archons - Archon Deck
6 x KeyForge: Age of Ascension - Archon Deck
5 x KeyForge: Age of Ascension 2 Player Starter Set
5 x Star Wars: Imperial Assault Villain Pack - Royal Guard Champion
5 x Rogue Trader Lure of the Expanse
5 x Rogue Trader Edge of the Abyss
6 x Penny Arcade: The Card Game
5 x Star Wars: Armada
5 x Star Wars: Imperial Assault
3 x Relic: Warhammer 40.000
1 x Acolyte Hybrids
2 x Adeptus Astartes Dice
2 x Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii
2 x Adeptus Mechanicus Codex 8th edition
1 x Adeptus Custodes Allarus Custodians
1 x Adeptus mechanicus Kastelan Robots
2 x Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider
2 x Adeptus Titanicus Civitas Imperialis Sector
1 x Adeptus Titanicus Imperial Knights
2 x Adeptus Mechanicus: Electro Priests
2 x A Deadly Wit
2 x Abaddon the Despoiler
1 x Adepta Soronitas Imagifier
2 x Adepta Sororitas Canoness
1 x Adepta Soronitas Dialogus
1 x Adepta Soronitas Immolator
1 x Adepta Soronitas Seraphim Squad
2 x Adeota Sororitas Rhino
2 x Adeptus Mechanicus: Tech-Priest Manipulus
2 x Adeptus Mechanicus: Serberys Raiders
1 x Bloodied Rose (Novella Series 1)
2 x Auric Gods (Novella Series 1)
1 x Horus Heresy: Spear of Ultramar (Novella Series 1)
1 x Horus Heresy: Dreadwing (Novella Series 1)
2 x Age of Sigmar: Warqueen (Novella Series 1)
2 x Age of Sigmar: The Red Hours (Novella Series 1)
2 x Age of Sigmar: The Bone Desert (Novella Series 1)
2 x Age of Sigmar: Heart of Winter (Novella Series 1)
1 x Iron Resolve
1 x Code of the skies
1 x the Imprecations of Daemons
1 x Heroes of the Empire
1 x Calvary bases
1 x DA Deathwing Command Squad
2 x Adeptus Titanicus Loyalist Legion Dice
1 x Wood Elf Treeman
1 x Wood Elf Dryads
1 x Wood Elf Eternal Guard
1 x Wound Tracker -noppasetti
1 x Witch Hunter
1 x Wings of Vengeance
1 x Wave Serpent
1 x Yazneg
1 x wych cult swiftshard
1 x Wreck and ruin
1 x White Scars Kor'sarro Khan
1 x Wild Kingdoms
1 x Wolf´s Honour
1 x Aeldari Webway Gate
1 x Age of Sigmar (2nd edition) Tempest of Souls
1 x Adeptus Titanicus: Civitas Imperialis
1 x Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy Rules Set
1 x Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Battle Titan
1 x Adeptus Titanicus: Reaver Battle Titan
1 x Adeptus Titanicus: Cerastus Knights
1 x Adeptus Titanicus Titandeath
1 x Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Battle Titan with Melta Cannon and Chai
1 x Adeptus Titanicus: Warhound Scout Titan
1 x Adeptus Titanicus Questoris Knights
1 x Adeptus Titanicus: Knight Household Battleforce
1 x Adeptus Titanicus: Warlord Titan with Plasma Annihilator
1 x Aether War
1 x Aegis Defence Line
1 x Adeptus Titanicus: Shadow and Iron
1 x Adeptus Titanicus: Warbringer Nemesis titan
1 x Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Navy Lightning Fighters
1 x Aeronautica Imperialis: Aircraft and Aces Astra Militarum and
1 x Agent of the Throne: Blood and Lies
1 x Akhelian Guard
1 x Age of Sigmar Rulebook 2nd edition
1 x Age of Sigmar 2nd Soul Wars Box
1 x Age of Sigmar 2nd: Wound Counters
1 x Age of Sigmar: General's Handbook 2018
1 x Age of Sigmar 2nd: Scenery Dice
1 x Age of Sigmar 2nd Tempest of Souls + Paints
1 x Ahriman: The Omnibus
2 x Age of Sigmar: Warcry
1 x Age of Sigmar: The Tainted Heart
1 x Aircraft & Aces Ork
1 x Aircraft & Aces Imperial navy
1 x Age of Sigmar: Combat Gauge
1 x Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power
1 x Age of Sigmar: The Court of the Blind King
1 x Apocalypse Sääntökirja
2 x Arachnarok Spider
1 x Alarielle the Everqueen
1 x Archaon, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse
1 x Arkanaut Company
1 x Arkanaut Ironclad
1 x Arkanaut Frigate
1 x Archaon on foot
1 x Armiger Helverins
1 x Apocalypse Movement Trays 40mm
1 x Apocalypse Mass-battle system
1 x Apocalypse Movement Trays 32mm
1 x Arch-Kavalos Zandtos
1 x Alfrid the Councillor
1 x Arathorn and Halbarad
1 x Argo-Flagellants
1 x Anarch
1 x Anathemas
1 x Aleguzzler Gargant
1 x BA Furioso Dreadnought
1 x BA Stormraven Gunship
1 x Azog
1 x Barbed Bracken
1 x Barbed Venomgorse
1 x Battle Mat: City Ruin
1 x Baleful Realmgates
1 x Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin
1 x Aventis Firestrike: Magister of Hammerhal
1 x Astra Militarum Hydra
1 x Astra Militarum: Cadian Infantry Squad
1 x Astra Militarum Severina Raine
1 x Bad Moon Loonshrine
1 x Awakened Wyldwood
1 x Azyrite Ruined Chapel
1 x Battledome: Cities of Sigmar
1 x Battledome Seraphon
1 x BB Ogre
1 x Beastmen Bestigor Herd
1 x Beastclaw Raiders Warscroll Cards
1 x Belisarius Cawl
1 x Beast of Nurgle
1 x Battletome: Maggotkin of Nurgle
1 x Battletome: Nighthaunt
1 x Battletome: Stormcast Eternals (2nd edition)
1 x Battletome: Skaven
1 x Beastgrave
1 x Beastgrave deck box
1 x Beastgrave Play Mat
1 x Beastgrave Counter set
1 x Beastgrave Carry case
1 x Battletome: Slaves to Darkness
1 x BB Lizardmen Pitch
1 x Beorn
1 x Belisaurius Cawl
1 x Beastgrave
1 x Battlezone Objective Set
4 x Bananas
4 x Caylus Magna Carta
4 x Cacao
2 x Catan: Kaupungit & Ritarit
2 x Dominion - Kaukaiset rannat 2. lisäosa
5 x Aikamatka
4 x Bottle Imp
4 x Africana
2 x Dragonshield Black
2 x Dragonshield Green
2 x Dragonshield Gold
3 x Dragonshield Red
3 x Dragonshield Silver
2 x Dragonshield Purple
2 x Dragonshield Brown
4 x Halli Galli
8 x Principato
5 x Dungeon Rush
5 x High Five!
4 x Kingdom Builder
7 x Mykerinos
6 x Oltre Mare
6 x Portobello Market
7 x Roskis
6 x Roqfort
4 x Dominion: Killat
3 x Hornet
5 x Modern Art
5 x Oregon
2 x Imhotep
2 x Jorvik
3 x Kingdomino
5 x Manno Monster
1 x Dominion: Keisarikunta -10.lisäosa
7 x 7 Wonders Duel (suomi)
9 x Geist the Sin-Eaters
6 x Mage the Awakening Storyteller's Screen
8 x Mage the Awakening Character Sheet Pad
11 x Exalted 2nd Edition Core Rules
8 x Paranoia
4 x Core 2021 Booster box
11 x Heimot
9 x GURPS Basic Set Campaigns
6 x Zombie Dice
2 x Lotr korttisuojat "Gandalf"
2 x Citadel Base: Averland Sunset
1 x Citadel Base: Mephiston Red
2 x Citadel Base: Caledor Sky
1 x Citadel Base: Castellan Green
1 x Citadel Base: Bugman's Glow
2 x 628 Suuri rakennuslevy
2 x 5933 LEGO® Lentokenttä rakennussarja
2 x 5866 Pelastushelikopteri
2 x 6912 Superkiitäjä
1 x 3183 Stephanien kaunis avoauto
1 x 3932 Andrean näyttämö
1 x 5765 Kuljetusrekka
1 x 3933 Olivian keksijänverstas
1 x 3938 Andrean kanikoppi
1 x 3939 Mian makuuhuone
1 x 7291 Katujen kapinallinen
1 x 8679 Tokion kansainvälinen kilparata
1 x 9467 Haamujuna
1 x 8065 Pieni kuorma-auto
1 x 9397 Tukkiauto
2 x Citadel Hobby Knife
1 x Modular Movement Tray
1 x Space Marine Scouts with Sniper Rifles
1 x Space Marine Predator
1 x Ent
1 x Space Marine Devastator Squad
1 x WH40K Expansion: Cities of Death
1 x WH40K Expansion: Planetstrike
1 x WH40K Expansion: Apocalypse
1 x WH40K Expansion: Apocalypse Reload
2 x Wood Elf Warriors
1 x Astra Militarum Baneblade
2 x Astra Militarum Cadian Command Squad
2 x 41009 Andrean makuuhuone
2 x 41006 Keskustan leipomo
2 x 10737 Batman vs Pakkasherra
2 x 10753 Jokerin hyökkäys Lepakkoluolaan
2 x 10748 Emman lemmikkijuhlat
1 x LEGO Friends 41330 Stephanien jalkapallotreenit
1 x LEGO Friends 41348 Huoltoauto
1 x Lego Movie 70824 Esittelyssä kuningatar Tahdontähdeks
1 x Lego Friends 41373 Hauska mustekalalaite
1 x Lego Friends 41358 Mian Sydänrasia
1 x LEGO Friends 41352 Suuri kisapäivä
1 x Lego Friends 41329, Olivian luksusmakuuhuone
1 x Lego Technic 42093 Chevrolet
1 x 31009 Pieni mökki
1 x 31005 Rakennuskuljetus
1 x 31004 Hurjapää
1 x 31011 Lentoseikkailut
1 x 10750 Juniors Tienkorjausauto
1 x 31084 - Merirosvovuoristorata
1 x 31077 - Makeat moduuliyllätykset
1 x 41001 Mian taikatemput
1 x 41002 Emman karatekurssi
1 x 41007 Heartlaken eläinhoitola
1 x 41010 Olivian rantakirppu
1 x 41056 Heartlaken uutisauto
1 x 41029 Stephanien pieni karitsa
1 x 41028 Emma hengenpelastajana
1 x 42065 Kauko-ohjattava telakilpa-auto
1 x 41353 Lego Friends-Joulukalenteri
1 x 70102 CHI-vesiputous
1 x 70101 Tarkkuusharjoittelua
1 x 70100 Tulirengas
1 x 70113 CHI-taistelut
1 x 70005 Lavalin kuninkaallinen taist..
1 x 70115 Tiukka Speedor-kisa
1 x 70706 Kraaterikiipijä
1 x 70349 Ruina's Lock & Roller
1 x 75001 Republic Troopers vs. Sith Troopers
1 x 75003 A-Wing Starfighter
1 x 75004 Z-95 Headhunter
1 x 75000 Clone Troopers[TM] vs. Droid..
1 x 70707 CLS-89 Hävittäjärobotti
1 x 70708 Mehiläismönkijä
1 x 75954 - Tylypahkan Suuri sali
1 x 75953 - Tylypahkan tällipaju
1 x 75213 Lego Star Wars-joulukalenteri
1 x 70841 Lego Bennyn avaruusryhmä
1 x 70823 Emmetin kolmipyörä
1 x 75951 Lego Grindewaldin pako
1 x 70828 Pikajuhlabussi
8 x D&D 3.5 Fantastic Locations Hellspire Prison
8 x D&D 3.5 Heroes of Battle
8 x D&D 3.5 Dungeon Survival Guide
11 x D&D 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide 2
10 x D&D 3.5 Dragonlance Legend ofthe Twins
8 x D&D 3.5 Miniatures Handbook
1 x 1000 Mtg Korttia.
2 x Born of the Gods Booster
1 x Born of the Gods Booster Box
2 x Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown Booster
2 x Conspiracy Booster
1 x 1000 eri Mtg Korttia.
2 x Archenemy Nicol Bolas
2 x Core Set 2020 Spellslinger Starter Kit
1 x Cavalcade Charge
1 x Allied Fires
2 x Core 2021 Booster
1 x Core 2021 Collectors Booster
3 x Return of the Duelist Booster
2 x Irtolandi-lajitelma
2 x Journey into Nyx Booster
2 x Oath of the Gatewatch booster
3 x Shadows over Innistrad Booster
2 x Iconic Masters Booster
3 x Spellslinger Starter Kit
2 x Modern Horizons booster
3 x Throne of Eldraine Booster
10 x D&D Draconomicon Chromatic Dragons
10 x D&D Martial Power 2
8 x D&D Dungeon Master's Guide 2
8 x D&D Divine Power
9 x D&D 3.5 Races of the Wild
2 x Theros Intro Pack: Favors From Nyx
2 x Theros Intro Pack: Manipulative Monstrosities
2 x Theros Intro Pack: Devotion to Darkness
2 x Theros Intro Pack: Blazing Beasts of Myth
2 x Theros Intro Pack: Anthousa's Army
2 x Shadows over Innistrad Booster Box
6 x The Great Dalmuti
2 x Ravnica Allegiance Bundle
2 x Theros Beyond Death Booster box
2 x Throne of Eldraine Booster Box
2 x Throne of Eldraine Collectors Booster
9 x D&D Dungeon Master's Guide
8 x D&D Adventures outlined Coloring Book (värityskirja)
7 x D&D Seekers of the Ashen Crown
1 x Dragon's Maze Fat Pack
1 x Duel Deck: Nissa vs Obniilix
1 x Duel Deck: Sorin vs Thibault
1 x Duel Deck: Elspeth vs Kiora
4 x Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt
1 x Duel Decks: Elves vs Inventors
1 x Explorers of Ixalan
1 x Flash of Ferocity
1 x Final Adventure
1 x Journey into Nyx Booster Box
1 x Oath of the Gatewatch booster box
4 x Lords of Waterdeep
1 x Iconic Masters Booster box
1 x Global Series Hang Yanggu & Mu Yanling
1 x Modern Horizons booster box
1 x Holiday gift Box Khans of Tarkir
1 x Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Booster box
1 x Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Prerelease Pack
1 x Magic the Gathering: Core Set 2021 Bundle
8 x Vol.3 Cavalry of Black Steel Booster
8 x Vol.2 Onslaught of Dragon Souls Booster
8 x Vol.4 Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows Booster
8 x Vol.3 Demonic Invasion Lord Booster
8 x Vol.6 Breaker of Limits Booster
7 x Around the World in 80 Days
6 x Caribbean
7 x Ming Dynasty
8 x Message to the Czar
8 x Medici os Strozzi
7 x Louis XIV
5 x Taj Mahal
6 x Power Grid
2 x Kamala Luonto: Anna Haukku!
2 x Kamala Luonto: Kamalasutra
1 x Kamala Luonto: Muistikirja, Da Vincin ilves
1 x Fingerpori from Finland
1 x Fingerporin koko kuva 5
1 x Fingerpori 10
7 x Ellen Helldor
3 x Armon kintereillä
7 x Hiihtoa kryptasta (Kuolleiden urheilijoiden seura 2)
6 x Alinka - Unikurkialan tarinoita
5 x Emil ja Sofi - Yhden yön muisto Helsingistä kesältä 1909
2 x Kadotettujen kahvila
2 x Italialainen nimipäiväkalenteri
2 x Lastani et tapaa
6 x Lapsen kengissä
3 x Tervetuloa - Opas Suomen historiaan, kieleen, kulttuuriin ja tap
2 x Keikkakuski
2 x Kuka lasta varjelee
7 x Kapteeni Kanki
2 x Mun Stadi: Slangitarinoita talvisodasta nykypäivään
2 x Lapsilta kielletty
6 x Neiti Brander
2 x Käskystä, rouva ylipäällikkö
6 x Kutri-Helena
2 x Kamala Luonto: Pentukirja
2 x Kamala Luonto: Vain eläimiä
6 x Nanna 3
2 x Rivo-Riitta
2 x Veljen vaimo
2 x Reilua orjakauppaa ja muita tulevaisuuden uutisia
2 x Sinivalkoinen kirja: Menneisyyden Suomi tulevaisuudessa
2 x Veljemme Viro
2 x Salpalinjan sankarit
2 x Raharouva
2 x Raaka-Arska: Sirppisilmä
2 x Uusi sarjakuvantekijän oppikirja
6 x Valas
2 x Veikan metsäretki
6 x Sosialisti ja nihilisti
2 x Sanojen avaruus - opas luovaan kirjoittamiseen
2 x Suoraan hevosen suusta
1 x Kamala Luonto: Muistikirja, Kamala luontoposse
1 x Like Plastic
1 x Lepra
1 x Koiruohon kaupunki
5 x Komennusmiehet
5 x Kiki - Montparnassen kuningatar
5 x Nanna 4: Eläimen pelikirja
5 x Nanna: Cityeläinkirja
1 x Olematon vakooja
1 x Mayra
9 x Army Painter Drybrush
9 x Army Painter Super Detail
9 x Army Painter Basecoating
8 x Army Painter Precise Detail
9 x Army Painter The Psycho
10 x Army Painter Detail
9 x Army Painter Insane Detail
10 x Army Painter Regiment
8 x Army Painter Human Flesh Spray
9 x Battlefield Steppe Grass
9 x Battlefield Field Grass
9 x Battlefield Grass Green
9 x Battlefield Razorwire
9 x Battlefield Snow
9 x Battlefield Rocks
9 x Army painter - Small Drybrush
9 x Army painter - Large Drybrush
10 x Army Painter - Character
9 x Army Painter - Highlighting
9 x Army Painter - Monster
7 x Brown Battleground
6 x Pora
6 x Hobby Starter Brush Set
7 x Sculpting Tools
6 x Project Paint Station
7 x Summer undergrowth
7 x Alhambra
2 x 4-pocket flexxfolio Blue
2 x Superhive 550+ Amber
2 x Superhive 550+ Petrol
2 x Palikoista koottava Spock
2 x Palikoista koottava Terminator (Genesys)
1 x Palikoista koottava Family Guy (Peter)
1 x Palikoista koottava Picard
1 x Palikoista koottava Skeletor
2 x Palikoista koottava Aliens
1 x Palikoista koottava Evil Minion
1 x Palikoista koottava He-man
1 x Palikoista koottava Worf
2 x Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls Mini Figures Orko
2 x Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls Mini Figures Fisto
2 x Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls Mini Figures He-Man
2 x Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls Mini Figures Mer-Man
2 x Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls Mini Figures Ram-Man
2 x Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls Mini Figures Skeletor
2 x Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls Mini Figures Sorceress
2 x Masters of the Universe Action Vinyls Mini Figures Stinkor
3 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Aquamarine (80)
3 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Blue (80)
3 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Pink (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Dark Grey (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Light Blue
3 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Petrol Blu
3 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Purple (80
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Blue (80)
3 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Brown (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Frosted (8
4 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Red (80)
3 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Frosted (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Black (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Light Green (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Burgundy (
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Green (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Brown (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Light Gree
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Orange (80
3 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Black (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte White (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Royal Blue
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Transparent (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Royal Blue (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Pink (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Purple (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Sand (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Yellow (80
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Matte Transparen
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Red (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Yellow (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Petrol Blue (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Turquoise (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Sand (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size Orange (80)
2 x Ultimate Guard Supreme UX Sleeves Standard Size White (80)
9 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Marble - Black
7 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Marble - White
9 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Marble - Green
9 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Marble - Red
9 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Marble - Purple
9 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Marble - Orange
9 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Marble - Blue
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Glow in the Dark - Lava
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Glow in the Dark - Arctic
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Glow in the Dark - Biohazard
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice D6 Dice 12 mm Glow in the Dark Lava
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice D6 Dice 12 mm Solid Black
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice D6 Dice 12 mm Solid Red
5 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Solid - Yellow
9 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Solid - Blue
9 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Solid - Black
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Solid - Green
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Solid - Purple
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Solid - White
4 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Speckled - Purple
8 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Metal Dice - Brasstige
9 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Metal Dice - Aurym
4 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Speckled - Green
5 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Speckled - Red
5 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Speckled - Black
5 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Translucent - Yellow
5 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Translucent - Green
6 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Translucent - Orange
4 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Speckled - Blue
4 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Translucent - Blue
5 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Speckled - Light Blue
5 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Translucent - Purple
5 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Translucent - Red
5 x Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Translucent - Clear
6 x ORB Retro Tabletop Arcade Machine 300in1
6 x ORB Retro-Konsoli Mini TV 300in1
1 x Battle angel Alita, last order 07
1 x Alone in my King's Harem
1 x Genshiken 8
1 x Harlequin Pink: Idol dreams
1 x Kanji De Manga 4
1 x Hello Kitty: Prinsessa ja hevoskärryt
1 x Hello Kitty Auto + hahmo
5 x Praedor 1.1
1 x Berserk 04
1 x Berserk 05
1 x Berserk 07
1 x Berserk 09
1 x Berserk 10
1 x Black Cat 07
1 x Black Cat 13
3 x Taiga RPG
1 x ZhuZhu Pets mini
1 x Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
1 x Blood Bowl aloituspaketti
2 x Kuka tiskaa?
1 x Citadel Painting Handle
5 x Pikachu-tyyny
5 x Aikuisten värityskirjoja lajitelma (4kpl)
1 x BLood Bowl: The Doom lords
1 x My Little Pony: Ponihahmo-keräilypussi
1 x Pokemon Koulutarvikesetti 16-osainen
1 x Kill Team Tape Measure
1 x Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows boosteri
1 x Pokemon Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion boosteri
1 x Lasten Pokemon olkalaukku
5 x TMNT: Donatello reppu
1 x Bizenghast 1
4 x Adventure Time: Jake-kahvimuki
1 x Crystaland Valopalikka Kilpa-auto
1 x Blood Bowl: Death on the Pitch Omnibus
3 x Diamant
1 x Pokemon TCG: Detective Pikachu Greninja-GX boxi
1 x Pokémon TCG: Snorlax-GX Box
4 x Lajitelma Asterix-figuureja 7kpl.
1 x Rakennuspalikat valolla 242kpl pelihalli
1 x Blood Bowl: Head Coach's Rules & Accessories Pack
1 x Pokemon Tag Team Pale Moon GX box
1 x Pikkutunnneli puujunarautatielle
1 x Aakkosveturi
1 x Värikäs aakkosjunan vaunu a-z
1 x Lentokenttä-autosetti.
1 x South Park: Cartman, Kenny & Token & Cartman+s Basement-palikkas
1 x 4 suoraa puiseen autorataan
1 x Silti kaiteella puiseen junanrataan
1 x Berserk 01
4 x Pikachu Pehmokolikkokukkaro
3 x Paranoia XP
4 x Tails of Equestria
2 x Marvel Super Heroes Deluxe city Campaing set
4 x Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition
3 x Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory RPG: Core Rulebook
3 x Pathfinder Core Rulebook, 2nd Edition
3 x Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory RPG: Starter Set
3 x Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition -Camarilla
2 x Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Dungeon Starter Set
2 x Stormbringer-roolipelisetti
3 x Ikuisuuden laakso
2 x Runequest Companion
1 x Star Trek Adventures: Starter Set
1 x Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Starter Set
1 x Puisia liikennemerkkejä junanrataan
1 x Masters of the Universe Mini Figures 4 cm She-Ra Keshi Surprise
4 x Khador Battlegroup
4 x Royalty Mega Trial Deck Vol.1
3 x Catanin uudisasukkaat korttipeli
1 x Axis & Allies: Pacific 1940
2 x Battleship Galaxies
2 x BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia
3 x Exodus: Proxima Centauri
3 x Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda
4 x Outpost
4 x Risk: The Lord of the Rings
4 x Railways of the World
4 x Space Maze
1 x Twilight Struggle
3 x Rising Sun
5 x Magic the Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Boardgame (Premium Edit
5 x Tapestry
4 x Afrikan tähti
1 x Big Badaboom
4 x The Club
3 x Codenames
3 x Monopoly Junior: Frozen
3 x Monopoly: Pokémon - Kanto Edition
2 x The Smurfs: Tag-Athon! Booster Pack
1 x Bunny Kingdom
4 x Majesty
1 x Viinien maailma
3 x Dixit
1 x Vault of Dragons
3 x Harry Potter Trivial pursuit
3 x The Resistance
3 x Dunken sailor
1 x King of Tokyo Dark Edition
3 x Adventure Time Card Wars: Ice King vs. Marceline
3 x Adventure Time Card Wars: Finn vs. Jake
2 x Agricola Revised edition
2 x Agricola Bielefeld Deck
2 x Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
2 x A la Carte
2 x Archon: Glory & Machination
2 x Among the Stars
3 x Adventure Time Card Wars: BMO vs. Lady Rainicorn
2 x Atlantic Triangle
3 x Allies: Real of Wonder
2 x Attack on titan : The Last Stand
2 x Core Worlds
3 x Cathedral
3 x Capital - Talouspeli
2 x Catan: Cities & Knights
2 x Dakota
2 x Drum Roll
2 x Dragon Lairds
2 x Empires of the Void
1 x Flick 'em Up!
2 x Deadly Russian Roulette
2 x Citadels
1 x DUNE boardgame
2 x Caper
2 x Dory Dobble
3 x Don't Drop the Soap
3 x Gouda! Gouda!
2 x Gunship: First Strike!
2 x Guinness World Records DVD - Ennätyspeli
2 x Iron Sky: The Board Game
2 x Jerusalem
2 x Kemet
2 x Kultainen Kompassi
3 x Koukussa!
2 x Kingpin
1 x King of Tokyo (suomiversio)
1 x King of Tokyo
2 x Labyrintti (Ranskankielinen)
2 x Harry Potter Dobble
1 x Ishtar
2 x Huhupuheita
2 x Hotel Tycoon
2 x Jumanji
4 x MotoGrandPrix
4 x Lone Wolf and Cub Game
4 x Neuroshima Hex! 3.0
5 x Maya
4 x Marco Polo Expedition
5 x Nottingham
4 x Nautilus
4 x Portal
4 x PitchCar
3 x Pentago
4 x Patchwork
4 x Rush Hour
4 x Rock and Morty: Total Rickall
4 x Palm Trees
4 x Megacity Oceania
4 x New York 1901
4 x Pacific Rim Extinction Starter Set
4 x Russian Railroads
3 x Space Cadets: Dice Duel
3 x San Juan
5 x SharkPark
3 x Shadows over the Empire
2 x Splendor
4 x Set
3 x Star Trek Expeditions
3 x Sequence
3 x Scotland Yard
5 x Set!
4 x Spyfall
4 x Smash Up
5 x Shit Happens
4 x Sequence Dogs
4 x Spies & Lies
4 x Sanasota
4 x Speak Out
3 x Sonic the Hedgehog: Crash Course
2 x The Grand Alchemist
3 x The Looney Bin
2 x The Manhattan Project: Second Stage
1 x The Smurfs: No Smurf Left Behind
3 x Steeple-Chase
1 x Tokaido
1 x Trains and Stations
1 x Trains
1 x Tornado Alert!
1 x Tsuro
1 x Tsuro: Veterans of the Sea
2 x Toscana
2 x The Manhattan Project
2 x The Resistance: Avalon
4 x The Big Bang Theory Trivia
4 x Pie Face!
1 x Brick Party
1 x When I Dream (suomi)
1 x Twister
1 x Blokus
1 x Briefcase
1 x Castles of Mad King Ludwig
1 x Firefly Clue
2 x Last night on Earth: The Zombie Game
1 x King of New York (Suomi)
3 x Monopoly: Hello Kitty
3 x Monopoly: Superman Returns
3 x Monopoly: Star Trek - Klingon
3 x Monopoly: The Hobbit
3 x Monopoly: Metallica
3 x Monopoly: Thunderbirds
3 x Monopoly: Back to the Future Trilogy Edition
3 x Monopoly: Adventure Time
3 x Risk 2210 A.D.
3 x Robo Rally (2015)
2 x Monopoly
2 x My Monopoly
2 x Monopoly: Suomi
2 x Operation: Despicable Me
1 x The Duke
2 x Sword & Skull
2 x Tanto Cuore
4 x Breaking Bad -kolikkopankki
4 x Halloween 28ml pimeässä hohtava meikkivoide
4 x Pimeässä hohtavat huulipuna ja kynsilakka
4 x Pahvinen kassakaappi-setti
4 x Space Invaders avaimenperä
4 x Palikka-avaimenperät 4kpl
4 x Kärpäspyssy
4 x TMNT: Leo reppu
4 x Fall Out-Kahvimuki
4 x Keksimonsteri-muki
4 x Vampyyrin maskeeraussetti
4 x Lasikupu puujalustalla
4 x Upper Deck MVP 2016-2017 pack
4 x Upper Deck MVP 2015-2016 pack
4 x Chessex Figure Carrying Case Small
4 x Chessex Figure Carrying Case Small (14 fig)
4 x Chessex Large figure storage box
4 x Chessex Large figure storage box (56)
4 x Kuumaliimapyssy
4 x Harry Potter Metallifiguureja
4 x Naruto Shippuden Color Tops Action Figure Sakura 18 cm
1 x LOL Surprise Keräilykorttipakkaus
4 x Game of Thrones Foam Replica 1/1 Sword of Jaime Lannister 104 cm
4 x Game of Thrones Foam Replica 1/1 Oathkeeper Sword of Brienne of
4 x Game of Thrones Foam Replica 1/1 Khal Drogo's Arakh 107 cm
4 x Game of Thrones Foam Replica 1/1 Widow's Wail Sword of Joffrey B
4 x Minecraft Foam Pickaxe
4 x Game of Thrones Foam Replica 1/1 Needle Sword of Arya Stark
1 x Citadel Grass
1 x Citadel Plastic Cutters
1 x Chaos Space Marine Rhino
1 x Chaos Space Marine Battleforce
1 x Space Marine Dreadnought
1 x Goblin Town
1 x Dark Eldar Kabalite skysplinter
1 x Lizardmen Cold One Riders
1 x Lizardmen Terradon Riders
1 x The Reikland Reavers
1 x Citadel Middenland Tufts
1 x The Dwarf Giants
1 x The Skavenblight Scramblers
1 x Death Zone 1
1 x Death Zone 2
1 x Space Marines Primaris Intercessors
1 x Dark Elves Cauldron of Blood
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