Railways of the World

Railways of the World
Rewrite the annals of history...
...and engrave your name alongside the world's greatest railroad barons. Build your railroad empire across the Railways of the World and find out if you have the metal and the mettle to outwit and outmaneuver your opponents!

Welcome to Railways of the World, the base game in Eagle Games' expandable railroad system. Included inside this box are all of the components necessary to support and supplement the expansion games in the series, such as Railways of England and Wales and Railways of Europe. Additional expansions will be available soon.

Game components
174 plastic miniatures of locomotives, water towers, railroad crossing signs, roundhouses and coal towers in seven different colors; 125 wooden "goods" cubes in five colors
24 engine placards picturing eight vintage locomotives of the 19th century
A stash of cash, in three denominations
Lots and lots of railroad track tiles
A rulebook

A Railways of the Eastern U.S. expansion. This expansion contains a map of the mid-19th century Eastern USA and a deck of Eastern U.S. Railroad Baron and Railroad Operations cards. These cards encourage players to explore many possible strategies each game such as connecting to remote cities to earn service bounties, building hotels and major lines, and delivering different goods to demanding customers. These are just a few of the many strategies you can pursue to become the greatest baron of the 19th C. Eastern U.S. railways! (This expansion is best with 4-6 players and has an approx. 120 minute playing time.)

A Railways of Mexico expansion. This expansion contains a map of mid-19th century Mexico and a deck of Mexico Railroad Baron and Railroad Operations cards. Fewer cities; long and narrow geography; and extensive mountainous terrain make this a unique and challenging map for players looking for a faster and financially tighter game experience. (This expansion is best with 2-3 players and has an approx. 60 minute playing time.)
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