Pie Face!

Pie Face!
Pie Face is an exciting, fun-filled game of suspense!

Put some delicious squirty cream from home or a wet sponge on the 'hand' and wait for the tension to build as you turn the handles. Keep your fingers crossed and hope you're not the one who gets a splat!

If you complete your turn without getting hit with squirty cream, you score double the number of points you spun.
If you do get hit with the squirty cream, you've been 'pie-faced' and score no points.
Partial turn: You can elect to turn the handles fewer times than the number you've spun. After spinning, you must announce how many times you'll turn them instead. If you don't get 'pie-faced', you score one point for each time you turned the handles. You score double only if you take your full turn. (Example: If you spin a five, decide to turn the handles only twice and don't get 'pie-faced', you score two points.)
Remember: You can wet the sponge and use that instead of using your own squirty cream.

The first player to score 25 points is the winner!
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