Gunship: First Strike!

Gunship: First Strike!
Take command of a small group of warships in the middle of a raging civil war

Two Carrier Groups emerge from Hyperspace at the same time, with the same forces - and the same orders. Only one side is going to survive this day and complete their mission.

The Gunships:
Tough, deadly, and completely customizable! You decide what Weapons and Armor your Gunships will carry at the start of the battle. There are dozens of combinations for every type of player. When the battle changes or you take too much damage, you can always land inside your Carrier - repair, rearm and come back swinging!

The Fighters:
Swift and alert, Fighters are used mainly as escorts for the Gunships and Carriers. Although their weaponry is not as powerful, they can be effective when they attack in a swarm.

The Assault Carriers:
The Carriers serve as bases for the smaller ships and have the big guns needed to pound each other's Shields. Defend your Carrier wel - once it's gone, you've lost the battle!

The Objective:
Use every ship and weapon at your disposal to turn the enemy battle group to scrap. When the opposing Carrier is destroyed, victory is yours!
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