Dragon Lairds

Dragon Lairds
Dragons rule!

Mighty dragons struggle for ultimate power! The great dragon clans control the world, each clan ruled by a king and queen. Wealth, resources, commoners, and nobles are all at the dragon rulers' disposal. But now the great throne of the Dragon Emperor sits empty, waiting for one clan's ruler to claim it. Each dragon family must use cunning, diplomacy, and the awesome power of dragon magic to achieve victory over their unworthy peers.

Dragon Lairds is a game of strategy and resource management. There are many paths to victory, from shrewd economics to careful use of dragon powers and magic. Form alliances, betray your allies, or take on the world! Build your group of noble dragons, acquiring wealth from hordes of commoners, or strengthen the infrastructure of an empire by focusing on important resources. No two games are ever the same!
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