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Genshiken 8

Genshiken 8
OTAKU LOVE The Genshiken girls have been trying to spark a little romance between Kanji and Ogiue for months?UR"and a Genshiken trip to a hot springs resort seems like the perfect opportunity. When Ogiue falls sick, Ohno assigns Kanji to take care of her. The rest of the Genshiken gang leave for the day, and Kanji is finally ready to make his move. Ogiue, though, is convinced that Kanji will never accept her fan-girl ways. To settle things, Kanji will have to read her doujinshi?UR"the one in which he stars! How will Kanji react when he finds himself to be the centerpiece of Ogiue?UR(TM)s masterwork? The answer will decide whether their relationship lives of dies!
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