Galaxy Angel II 2

Galaxy Angel II 2
When a coup d?UR(TM)état threatens the life of Prince Shiva, the Angel Troupe, led by Takuto Meyers, is called to action. With their enemy right behind them, Takuto and the Angels have enough to worry about ?UR" but multiple love triangles don?UR(TM)t seem to be helping. To compound the problem, Milfeulle and the gate that connects the galaxies EDEN and NEUE are under attack, Takuto and the Angel Troupe must scramble to recover Brave Heart, the stolen emblem frame, and Nano-Nano from Anise. Meanwhile, Kazuya tries to cheer up Apricot, who is slowly warming up to him, but not for the reasons he had hoped. And with their number already reduced, the former Angel Troupe leader Lily has yet to rejoin her crew. To top it all off, the Angels will face a betrayal from within. Space operas are rarely as fun as Galaxy Angel ?UR" author and illustrator Kanan expertly blends romance, tension, comedy, jealousy, and supercharged space battles.
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