Murder Princess 2

Murder Princess 2
The world of politics is treacherous enough, but in Forland, it?UR(TM)s downright deadly. When Princess Alita?UR(TM)s father is murdered, she?UR(TM)s forced to step forward to take over the kingdom?UR?but who?UR(TM)s the real princess? A freak magical mishap has trapped Alita in the body of the bounty hunter Falis. Now, Alita rules disguised as a servant while the battle-savvy Falis sits on the throne ?UR" in her body! Then, from the depths of night, an evil knight arrives in Forland. Alita suspects the knight is really her brother, Prince Kite, but her brother would never act so cruelly. If some dark force is controlling him, how can she get her beloved brother back? Meanwhile, Falis, still stuck in Alita's body, has problems of her own. As the final battle approaches, Falis must confront her past and muster the strength to protect her body, her kingdom ?UR" and the whole world!
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