Hotel California: JTK

Hotel California: JTK
From Korea's legendary comedy writer comes Hotel California! JTK brings back his signature black humor and leaves the reader thirsty for more! Somewhere in America, a place with plenty of room for anyone who gets himself in trouble exists. Dallas Westcoast has taken revenge on his father's killer. Unfortunately, he has murdered the wrong person. Now he finds himself sucked into the vortex of what appears to be the twilight zone's demented sister--The Collin Prison: The Hotel California. Joy, the prison's only beautiful woman is actually a transsexual martial arts master. The warden in charge of the inmates is a country music fanatic who brainwashes his prisoners with the unceasing broadcast of his favorite country songs. Irving and Tom try to resist this bombardment of musical communism by holding fast to hip hop. Sit back and watch as they work up a non-stop series of absurd and hilarious events guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor. Welcome to the Hotel California!
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