Archon: Glory & Machination

Archon: Glory & Machination
In this game players are powerful Archons who support the city of Cardis in order to win the King's favor. By sending their Courtiers to various locations of the city, players can perform several different actions. They can also try to influence figures of authority (Magisters), winning as many as they can to their cause in a constant struggle for power and prestige.

Each game consists of 3 Seasons. For each of these Seasons, the King issues different demands that players must fulfill. Each Season consists of 3 rounds during which, players take turns using a card-driven worker placement mechanism to perform various actions that will allow them to gather resources, recruit soldiers for the royal guard, rebuild the city, and use the palace buildings to acquire scoring cards (Science, Arts, Elite Warriors). After 9 rounds, the game ends and the player with the most Victory Points, is the winner.

If you can successfully carry out your machinations, the glory and victory shall be yours!
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