Geist the Sin-Eaters

Geist the Sin-Eaters
Standing on Death?UR(TM)s Threshold Death was not the end ?UR" it was a transition. Still alive but bound to the forces of death, you are now one of the Sin-Eaters: gatekeepers of the Underworld, possessed of the strange and powerful geists. The gates to the realm of the dead yawn open. You hold the keys. Rulebook for Geist: The Sin-Eaters?,? ?UR? A rulebook for playing the Sin-Eaters, mortals who have passed through the gates of Death and returned, bonded with the unusual shades known as geists ?UR? An expanded look at death and the Underworld in the World of Darkness, from simple ghosts to strange threats such as the Kerberoi ?UR? Provides new player types and antagonists for crossover chronicles as well as chronicles focusing on Sin-Eaters
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