Easy to Build Myrmourn Banshees

Easy to Build Myrmourn Banshees
"The Myrmourn banshees have a diabolical hunger, for they feast solely upon magic. No enemy spell is safe from the ravenous spirits, and they haunt the Mortal Realms in search of arcane energies to consume. Myrmourn Banshees are drawn to magic as carrion are drawn to the dead, and such is their bitterness toward life that any mortal creature in their way is likely to receive a swift jab from their cursed chill daggers. Designed to be as easy as possible to assemble for new hobbyists while being detailed enough for the hardiest veteran to appreciate, this kit assembles 4 Easy To Build Nighthaunt Myrmourn Banshees. Push-fit, with no glue required, this kit is incredibly straightforward to put together and comes on a pre-coloured turquoise plastic sprue. Sinister and shrieking, the Myrmourn banshees are a set of 4 Nighthaunt miniatures with a sense of despair about them – little more than empty bodices surrounded by ethereal vapour, shrouds covering skulls trapped in a screaming rictus, they drift and swoop weightlessly clutching their chill daggers. Each is hollow – this can be clearly seen, with the inside of each miniature visible. This kit comes as 16 components, and is supplied with 4 32mm sculpted round bases – these depict a sepulchral scene, with bones, broken statues and roses littering the graveyard the Banshees drift above." Sisältää 4 figuuria
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