After five years of Pandemic, hundreds of thousands of players have contracted the virus! To celebrate this milestone, Pandemic has been completely re-designed. With new artwork by Chris Quilliams (Clash of Cultures, Merchants & Marauders), Pandemic will now have a more modern look, inside and outside the box. With two new characters (the Contingency Planner and the Quarantine Specialist) face the game in ways you never thought possible as brand-new, virulent challenges await you!
Becoming researchers and doctors has really hit a cord with players from all around the world. The idea that popped into Matt Leacock’s head one day has now spread like a virus, faster than he had ever anticipated. Pandemic is one of the most successful games of the new game generation and the reference when it comes to co-op games. Since its release, Pandemic has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, and has been translated into 14 languages. The Pandemic infection has also spread to stores like Target, Toys “R” Us, and Barns & Noble.
2013 will be the year that you see the infection rate go up a notch! On The Brink will also have an entirely new look! With its three different gameplay options and the bio-terrorist, this expansion is known as a “must have” for fans of the game. You will find it in stores very soon!
Still crave more? Later this year, discover the newcomer in the Pandemic family: In the Lab. In this expansion, you will be transported inside a biotechnology lab in search of a cure. Put your lab coats on and get ready to look for a cure!
For those of you who are wondering, it will also be possible to purchase a compatibility pack to play the new edition of On The Brink, but own the previous edition of Pandemic.
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1 x Carry Case 40k
1 x Stormcloud Attack: The Eldritch & The Beast
1 x Stormcloud Attack: The Ancient & The Greater Good
1 x Space marine Heroes s.2.
1 x 3932 Andrean näyttämö
1 x Two of Hearts
1 x Tough Love Baby
1 x Versus 2
1 x the Devil does Exist 11
1 x Versus 1
1 x Zombie Diary 1
1 x the Devil does Exist 01
1 x Theros Intro Pack: Devotion to Darkness
1 x Spellslinger Starter Kit
1 x Ravnica Allegiance Planeswalker deck Dovin
1 x Modern Horizons booster
1 x Modern Horizons booster box
1 x Ravnica Allegiance Bundle
1 x Theros Intro Pack: Blazing Beasts of Myth
1 x Lords of Waterdeep
1 x The Great Dalmuti
1 x kaladesh Bundle
1 x Shadows over Innistrad Booster
1 x Oath of the Gatewatch booster
1 x Oath of the Gatewatch booster box
1 x Shadows over Innistrad Booster Box
1 x Journey into Nyx Booster Box
1 x Journey into Nyx Booster
1 x Theros Intro Pack: Anthousa's Army
1 x Angel Sanctuary 18
1 x Aishiteruze Baby 2
1 x Aishiteruze Baby 5
1 x Aishiteruze Baby 6
1 x Alice 19th 3
1 x Alice 19th 4
1 x Alice 19th 6
1 x Angel Sanctuary 01
1 x Angel Sanctuary 06
1 x Angel Sanctuary 08
1 x Angel Sanctuary 09
1 x Angel Sanctuary 10
1 x Angel Sanctuary 13
1 x Angel Sanctuary 14
1 x Angel Sanctuary 16
1 x Angel Sanctuary 17
1 x Angel Sanctuary 19
1 x Angel Sanctuary 20
1 x Absolute Boyfriend 3
1 x Absolute Boyfriend 6
1 x Theros Intro Pack: Manipulative Monstrosities
1 x Theros Intro Pack: Favors From Nyx
1 x Return of the Duelist Booster
1 x Ultimate Guard: Playmat - Mystic Space
1 x ES 05
1 x Android: Netrunner
1 x Airgear 13
1 x Fairytail 1
1 x Lego Aurinkoinen surffipakettiauto
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