The Eye of Medusa

The Eye of Medusa
Ever since the dark days of the Great Heresy, the Iron Hands have a long and tortured history. Their years of suffering and war have left them hardened and believing in a brutal tenet - the flesh is weak. Heavily cybernetic, their flesh extensively altered, these warriors of the Imperium are more machine than man, cold in aspect as well as demeanour. Their methods of recruitment are harsh, their rituals arcane, their pride unshakeable. So when a world under the protection of the Chapter falls foul of insurrection, the Iron Hands answer with fire and cold retribution. It matters not that Thennos is considered sovereign territory of the Adeptus Mechanicus, for the Iron Hands' campaign is one of extermination. But there is something dark lurking within Thennos, a horror that defies the purity of cold logic and the machine, and offers something more, something ruinous...
Army Painter (15)
Duel Masters
Games Workshop-> (997)
  Apocalypse (1)
  Blood Bowl (14)
  Horus Heresy (2)
  Lord of the Rings-> (52)
  Maalit-> (146)
  Maasto (3)
  Muut GW:n pelit (1)
  Sekalaiset GW:n tuotteet (29)
  Shadespire (11)
  Työkalut (30)
  Warhammer 40k-> (380)
    Adeptus Mechanicus (4)
    Aloituspaketit (6)
    Astra Militarum (4)
    Astra Telepathica (1)
    Black Library-> (39)
      ?,änikirjat (23)
    Blood Angels (10)
    Chaos Space Marines (45)
    Dark Angels (9)
    Dark Eldar (18)
    Deathwatch (1)
    Eldar (22)
    Genestealer Cults (2)
    Grey Knights (5)
    Imperial Guard (13)
    Imperial Knight (1)
    Militarum Tempestus (1)
    Necrons (16)
    Officio Assassinorum (4)
    Orks (19)
    Rakennukset ja maasto (36)
    Sääntökirjat (24)
    Space Marines (55)
    Space Wolves (13)
    Tau Empire (15)
    Tyranids (16)
  Warhammer Fantasy Battle-> (208)
  Warhammer: Age of Sigmar-> (113)
  White Dwarf (4)
Kirjat-> (61)
Korttien oheistuotteet-> (7)
Lautapelit-> (271)
Lelut-> (18)
Magic the Gathering-> (47)
Manga-> (1217)
Muut rakennuspalikat-> (3)
Pokemon-> (5)
Roolipelit-> (39)
Sekalaiset (3)
Vanguard (6)
Warmachine/Hordes-> (141)
Yu-Gi-oh!-> (12)
Lego-> (145)
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