Relic: Warhammer 40.000 - Halls of Terra Expansion

Relic: Warhammer 40.000 - Halls of Terra Expansion
Deadly Intrigue in the Imperium's Capital

The war for the sake of the Antian Sector has finally reached mankind's home world, Holy Terra. If you win the favor of the Imperium's major powers, you could triumph against heresy and save countless lives. Do you possess the artifice and influence necessary to leverage these ruthless politicians to ally to your cause, perhaps even earning the blessing of the Emperor himself? Or will your political failures mean the doom of the Imperial core?

In Relic: Halls of Terra, players travel to the legendary birthplace of humanity. Navigate a dangerous political landscape and negotiate with the institutions and individuals who control the Imperium, from the mysterious Adeptus Mechanicus to the vicious Imperial Nobility and the unforgiving Inquisition. The future of the Antian Sector is at stake in these political games, and playing them can result in power and glory - or catastrophe.

This expansion features a new side board depicting Holy Terra and the red planet Mars and three game-changing scenario sheets. Dozens of Threat, Mission, and Corruption cards bring these treacherous worlds and their ruthless politics to life.

Once the rulers of the Imperium enter play, the battle for the Antian Sector will never be the same.

RELIC base game required to play. Some components also require the Nemesis expansion to play.
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