Bloodspire Deathwolf

Bloodspire Deathwolf
The Space Marines take to the skies in this pair of audio dramas. On the world of Axonar, a squad of Blood Angels Scouts scale the dizzying heights of a mighty hive city as their battle-brothers fight far below. Their objective: to open the way for a daring aerial assault that will crack open the city and ensure victory. In the heavens above Luetin Hive, Erik Morkai?UR(TM)s Space Wolves clash with dark eldar raiders, jump-pack clad Blood Claws taking the battle to the aliens?UR(TM) own infernal airships. But the war will be decided by Morkai himself as he challenges the dark eldar archon to single combat.

Two action-packed Space Marine audios in an exclusive double-disc set. Includes wallpapers and other extra content.

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