Cyberpunk v.3

Cyberpunk v.3
In the Dark Future, the Megacorporations ruled the world from their starscraper towers, enforcing that control with armies of cyborg assassins. But now the battlefield belongs to the new Lords of the Street: the DNA-shape shifting Reefers vs the full-body cyborgs of Corpore Metal, Desnai?UR(TM)s robo-enhanced mechajocks against the monster makers of Riptide, the nano-boosted roadwarriors of Rolling State against the cybertech megaweapons of the urban Edgerunners. So get ready to hit the Street in this new incarnation of the legendary roleplaying game of the Dark Future?UR" a world so dangerous, so dark, that only the toughest, smartest and most cybered-up will survive. But you can deal with it. Because you?UR(TM)re ready. Because you?UR(TM)re?UR"CYBERPUNK. Featuring: -Six completely new cyber systems including enhanced nanotech, transform viruses, cyborg bio-shells, bioengineered creatures, man-machine fusions and organo-technic cyberware. -A new and expanded post-2020 world. Now find out what happened after the Corporate War! -Enhanced combat and character generation rules! Fast or Detailed?UR"it?UR(TM)s up to you! -New technology, weapons, gangs and groups! -Infinitely expandable with new ?URoeactive content?UR? links!
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